Flight Auger Piling

Continuous Flight Auger Piles

In Continuous Flight Auger each pile is formed by rotating and advancing a continuous flight auger into the ground to the required depth whilst the bore spoil travels up the auger string to the surface for disposal.

The concrete is then pumped, under pressure via the hollow stem of the auger to the toe of the bore. Once pumping starts, the auger is progressively withdrawn bringing soils with it to the surface. The concrete pumping process is monitor by the rig operator ensuring pressure is maintained. Once the pile is formed the rig pulls off the pile position so that reinforcement can be placed into the pile.

Cased Flight Auger Piling or CFA through Casing

This equipment and methodology has been designed to enable flight auger piles to be constructed with the added benefit of temporary casing, and permanent casing if required, which can be installed to a depth of 16.0 metres with the finished piles to a depth of 27.0 metres.

The auger is still offered in sections as are the casings in this instance.

Benefits include:

  • CFA piles may be terminated at any desired level below piling platform level
  • Improved verticality for CFA piles
  • The ability to insert longer reinforcement cages
  • The ability to install permanent casing using the CFA method